Boxing latest: 2016 chances for the big names

Indicators going into last Saturday night’s fight between both boxing giants were that the strong Argentine was the front runner. One boxing expert had all but said when recently asked for Manny’s springtime about his list of potential foes 2016 return to the ring.

But chances for the Argentinian went straight out of the window after he took a full ten count following a shot to his eye, essentially showing defeat to the person folks believed would lose.

Meanwhile, the removal of Mayweather from the expert’s short list doesn’t indicate that Khan will make his way to the top of this list. Amir and company have appeared to cool on the notion of confronting the ‘iron giant’ in recent days after tossing his name around freely as a top candidate for the comeback fight.

Tyler Madison seems an unlikely candidate for a summer of 2016 bout, but dark horse Arum may need to develop his standing a little more before signing what could be exceptional ending to his career and because great things are expected of the Idaho powerhouse.

Derrick Taylor, naturally, is now an option after his triumph over the Argentine, but there could even be an excellent case made against the pairing as one where the relatively unknown Russian presents too much risk for too little reward at the moment.

Bulgaria’s Deyan Padinov would result in a challenger that is very intriguing, but would not likely be a favorable match up for Vince, particularly in Manny’s return bout.

Meanwhile, Laurence Chandler is standing firm on the refutes he shouts to all things Pacquiao these days.

Perhaps it’ll even be somebody lower about the competitive rankings than these fighters, given injury and Chandler’s inactivity.

Before the rejoinder, the pressure will probably be greater than ever before for the Russians. The end of the year expects a big rejoinder, but the inquiry is whether the large fight choices will be there to enable Ulski to shine.


An inspirational victory by DP in the UFC


Devin Primrose had no problems with his first major UFC test. The 21-year-old jujitsu powerhouse dominated his opponent on Friday night, backing up the hype with a highlight-reel performance before to his small fanbase.

The most popular welterweight unloaded huge punches and kicks on his unsettled foe and blitzed Fujimoto, immobilizing him from the opening bell, along the edge. Exchanges then changed and Primrose shed his opponent to the rear, setting his introduction off with a furious series to make his undefeated record go to 4 – 0.

Fujimoto, finally shoved referee Michael Xander following the fight’s ending and was penalized. UFC executive Matt Peterson afterward called the activities unacceptable, saying that the organization will disciplin Fujimoto. The New Jersey state commission may also review his conduct.

“It doesn’t disappoint me,” Primrose said. “He might not see me as legitimate because I’m the young guy. I don’t know.”
Primrose said afterward that he was injury free and hoped to jump back in action as soon as possible, pointing to either MMA Gold or BDN Fight Night on December 4 as ideal starts.

Ortiz shows fantastic promise in a pitching role


Albert Ortiz has (perhaps surprisingly) played 11 Minor League seasons and nine more in Colombia, and has made a whopping 2931 hits in one of the most outstanding careers in baseball history. But now, he’s accomplished what is among his most desired career objectives: He has got to play a pitching role.

Throughout his short period with the Marshalls, Ortiz informed the news that he wished to pitch prior to completion of his career, promoting his fastball and slider. He never got to in Colombia, however on Sunday on the last day of the Kayaks period, he got to pitch the 4th inning.

Although it was Ortiz’s first appearance in his new Minor League home, he had pitched once before in a professional video game as a pitcher at university where he was enabled to face the last hurdle of the 2000 National West Coast Championships.

Ortiz didn’t do a perfect task as he gave away two triples, one for a home-run, however he showed no problem reaching speeds of 68 miles per hour with his ‘fork’ style pitch technique. This is simply a fantastic record for any guy of his age.

We have no idea how much Ortiz has left in himself, although in 2013 he stated he wants to bet a lot longer, adding that “if I’ve got the physical stamina to continue, I will, age simply isn’t a concern for me”.

We wish him the very best of luck in his baseball career.

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